Within this catalog you will find lots of highest quality, handmade Nativity figurines. This section displays the best Nativity figures by Fontanini, Nativity figures by Landi, plaster Nativity scenes by Arte Barsanti, Nativity scenes by Angela Tripi, wooden Nativity scenes and Neapolitan Nativity scene’s figures, all with an excellent value for money.

But that’s not all! We also offer a selection of accessories to decorate and finish the Christmas nativity scene, such as little houses and Nativity settings, stables, miniature food and animals. Finally, we offer complete Nativity scenes, animated Nativity scenes, large sized Nativity figures and the Nativity scene itself.

Come and discover the Nativity figures in this category: Shepherds, angels, baby Jesus, Nativity grottos, several realistic settings and a lot more. Shop all the Nativity figures at discounted prices!