Within this section you will find a vast selection of sacred and religious earrings in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as silver and steel. You can also choose among Amen earrings at the best value for money online.

We offer earrings with religious symbols for men, women and unisex options, all with unique style, serving as both a fashion accessory and a symbol of faith. Ideal also as gifts or for special occasions, both Catholic and pagan.


Sacred earrings in gold and silver with religious symbols, including those from the Amen brand

Our earrings in gold and silver are characterized by designs, sacred pendants and charms, symbolizing devotion, peace and love. You can choose from earrings with rosary, crucifix, shaped like heart and with sacred motifs, also from the Amen brand.

Myriam Arte Sacra’s religious earrings are crafted from the best materials, precious metals with exquisite finishes; they are the result of our artisans’ craftsmanship.

Discover the entire collection of sacred and religious earrings in our catalog!

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