Backdrops and starry sky for nativity scenes 

Backdrops and starry skies for creating the perfect Nativity setting

In our catalog you will find small accessories for nativity scenes and a wide range of Nativity settings that will bring your representation of Jesus’ birth to life. Nativity scene backdrops are essential for creating realistic and detailed landscapes. Within this section you will find everything you need to best recreate the Nativity scene.

The sky backdrop is one of the most captivating elements of a nativity scene, ranging from the classic open sky to the starry sky with sparkling lights that create a magical, suggestive and captivating effect. The starry sky will add a sparkling effect to your setting. Within this section you will find everything you need in order to make your Nativity scene unique and original, including plain backdrops and starry skies with lights.

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Rock Wallpaper for Nativity...

Rock Wallpaper for Nativity Scene

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Gray rock wallpaper for nativity scenes (50x70 cm), shapeable and highly resistant.