The Jubilee is a religious event celebrated every 25 years in Rome. It is a time of forgiveness, grace, and spiritual renewal for the faithfuls around the world. The next Jubilee, which will take place in 2025, encapsulates a message dedicated to hope and trust, just as it also reflects the event’s own motto: “Pilgrims of Hope”. In fact, Pope Francis has highlighted the importance of the 2025 Jubilee as a time of rebirth and renewal, in response to global challenges such as pandemics, wars and climate crises that have shaken the world in recent years.


Products with the 2025 Jubilee logo

In this category, you will find the perfect items for celebrating the 2025 Jubilee. The products are designed for pilgrims and for all those who want to participate in this great event. All the products draw inspiration from and share the message of hope and renewal. Among them, you will also be able to choose from many items featuring the official logo of the 2025 Jubilee.

Within our catalog, you will find rosaries, rosary holders and other decorated devotional items; liturgical vestments such as chasubles, lectern covers and stoles; flags, banners, and other items for decorating churches and houses; souvenirs and items for celebrating the Jubilee.

All the products are made using high quality materials and are available in different models and colors. Take a look at our catalog and purchase 2025 Jubilee products online!

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