Rivers, brooks, bridges for nativity scenes

Rivers, streams and bridges for original and detailed Nativity scenes

If you’re a lover of traditional or Neapolitan nativity scenes and a fan of authentic and detailed settings, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a vast range of rivers for nativity scenes, streams with real water flowing gently, majestic rivers with waterfalls that add a touch of dynamism and realism to your settings. For those who love customizing every detail, we offer a selection of rivers and brooks ideal for fitting into any space. These items, along with watermills, waterfalls and fountains, give shape to different Nativity sets.

Rivers, brooks and bridges are crafted with care to every detail and are well suited to handcrafted nativity scenes; they are designed for those seeking for unique, high-quality products.

In our category you will find a variety of Nativity scenes accessories, including bridges of any kind, from the classic wooden bridge to the majestic arch bridge. Browse the whole catalog.

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