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You're surfing on this page of our website, so that's a hint that you might want to know who hides behind the screen and how Myriam engages with its customers. In other words, you want to know if you can trust us. But this is up to you; we put our best efforts in writing our story with sincerity and transparency.

Enjoy your reading!

Our story arises from the devotion to God, from two men who acknowledge being just humans, and as such, filled with uncertainties and perplexity from the very beginning, yet equally proud to belong to the uniqueness that distinguishes every Catholic, i.e. the joy of putting themselves at service to the community.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Myriam Articoli Religiosi (Myriam Religious Items) was born on Candlemas day, February 2 2002.

On this date the two of us, Lino and Luigi Albanese, at the age of 21 and 19, opened a holy art store: Myriam Articoli Religiosi.

At that time, our friends and acquaintances would all ask us:"What could two guys possibly know about selling religious items and then, why in particular a shop that is so focused on Catholic devotion?".

There were no doubts that we were practicing Catholics, but in everyone's eyes there wasn't any connection with the sale of religious items. 

However, we can say with hindsight that everything has eventually become clearer.

Back then we only had one big encouragement, that was our father, Fernando. He has always been strongly religious and practicing, with a particular propensity to aggregate people into what later became groups of prayer, named "Maria Regina della Pace" (Mary, Queen of Peace).

It was out of unawareness or unconsciousness that we started our journey, with a little act of worship: we decided that the name of the store was to be devoted to Our Lady (Myriam is the exact Hebrew translation of the word Mary).

From the very beginning, Lino started working at manufacturing companies as their direct sales agent, representing them in other stores spread throughout the country. This work allowed Myriam to create and consolidate important relationships with manufacturing companies. Thanks to that, today we can boast a catalogue and a warehouse with the best products on the market

In the meantime, Luigi continued to take care of the store in San Severo, that expanded and was moved to a 80 sqm store in 2006. It was just a small leap of progress, but at that time it really meant a lot to us. We were proud because it was a hint that we were working well. Our choice to specialize in the selling of religious Catholic articles was paying off. Clients have always felt taken care of and satisfied in every phase, from the purchase to the after-sales service. This was for us the biggest satisfaction that soothed sleepless nights and thousands of miles of travel.

Myriam Arte Sacra (translated Myriam Holy Art) 

In 2010 we did a further upgrade, that was moving Myriam in a 200 sqm store, half of which was dedicated to church supplies and articles for religious people. We already displayed hundreds of chasubles, dozens of sacred furnishings and supplied evermore churches and priests. That's how we became Myriam Sacred Art.

We were set to specialize more and more on the sale of products for priests, in order to supply religious orders and parish communities.

Since then we pushed increasingly on courses of liturgical and sartorial formation and indoctrinated even our staff. As a consequence, our role gradually switched from being salesmen to being consultants.


2012, Online sale.

It was during the rise of the Internet in the sector of sacred art. Even though in the distant 2012 online sales represented a leap in the dark to us, we were confronted with the question: "Why limit ourselves to in-store sales when we could potentially reach anywhere? Why don't we try and support more and more clients?"

The answer, dictated by the same unconsciousness of the beginning, arrived three months later with our e-commerce of sacred art, 

In view of his representation experience and a new necessity to cure the online activity, Lino decided to conclude his activity as a direct sales agent so that he could dedicate full time to the company, together with Luigi. From that moment we started to work hard on our internal structure and ever since: 

·      we publish more than 300 new products per month (at present we have a total of 13,000 online product sheets);

·      we own a photographic set for the shooting of products that need to be published (there has to be no difference between the picture and the product received by the client);

·      we improved our customer care service which, via telephone, chat or email, supports users, solves any problem and provides faster information of any kind.

·      we made several payment methods available (cash on delivery, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, payment in instalments) that would fit everybody's requirements; 

·      we continuously try to adjust our warehouse to customers' requests, it is indeed ever more stocked with available goods to facilitate “Guaranteed Delivery in 24/48 hours”.

In order to be transparent with our clients from the very beginning, we published clear and exhaustive purchase conditions and return conditions (return is always allowed) and indicated precise shipping costs (when shipping is not free). We also tried to convey our Catholic formation in the "visual" part, by using the color "Morello" in the new logo. This color, although evident, was original, unlike other websites' graphics, but was also the less commonly used liturgical color. It's not purple, nor red, it's different from all other liturgical colors and you can easily notice that. Concerns about our choice to have an online store disappeared as soon as we noticed how increasingly satisfied our customers were, and the willingness of people seeking partners for sacred furnishings to rely on Myriam


In 2021 we expanded: the company now owns a 750 sqm showroom in San Severo, with attached a 500 sqm warehouse and 150 sqm offices for the whole team. We also opened a store in the Incoronata Sanctuary, in the province of Foggia.

Now everything for us, it's all built on the awareness of the reason why we started on this path. 

At first we were looking outside ourselves for the link between faith and the selling of religious items. Afterwards, we realized it was rooted in every faithful person, in the sense of "putting themselves at the service of the good”.

For this reason, our first priority is that, in case of unsatisfaction, we save our clients from losing money, products, or time. 

We got to fix a problem without creating another one.
We are always there for you.

Here you can read verified reviews where a lot of people recognize our capability to be alongside the customer, in the literal sense.

 Maybe this is why it all started out. We were unaware, unconscious, but there was something that we knew for sure: in order to concretize our inner Catholicism and to fully live it, we could only do one thing, be at the service of faith.

This is precisely what Myriam is about: a service towards faithful men and women, a service that every day stems from passion and resilience.

Lino and Luigi Albanese


Meet Our Team

Next to our commitment, our team's engagement is a key factor. Each one of our collaborators is guided by that very passion and those principles which are at the base of our company. Counting on Myriam means counting on them, too. Below are their pictures, mansions and contacts. 



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Graphic and web Designer


Product Manager


Client Service Manager

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Incoronata Sanctuary Store Consultant

ALESSANDRO BOSCO San Severo Showroom Manager


Incoronata Sanctuary Store Consultant


San Severo Store Consultant


Warehouse and Shipping Manager


Sales Consultant


Administrative Manager