church furnishings

This category displays the best selection of sacred and liturgical furniture for churches and for Mass celebration. Each subcategory contains precious religious objects which are functional to perform any liturgical ritual and stand out for their excellent quality.

Within our catalog you will find everything you need to furnish a church in a solemn and elegant way. You will find Holy Water fonts in different models and sizes, classic and modern tabernacles, sacred items for the Holy Communion, baptismal fonts of different shapes, wooden Ambos, Chalices, traditional and non-traditional Pyxes and Patens, Censers, wall crosses, Bucket and Aspersorium, Reliquiaries, Ostensories, all produced with the finest materials, along with many other Holy items for Mass celebration.

Take a look at our catalog and choose the quality of Myriam Arte Sacra’s products, which are made with care and attention to detail: buy the sacred objects to best furnish churches and celebrate the Mass.