Lights for nativity scenes 

Lights and lighting for nativity scenes: make the representation of Christmas even more magical

In this category dedicated to lights for nativity scenes you will find a wide range of lighting ideal for giving life to Christmas Nativity scenes. Each element can be highlighted with the proper lighting, from the meticulously crafted stables to the small houses for nativity scenes. Myriam Arte Sacra offers a variety of lights and lighting for nativity scenes, including LEDs, fire-effect lamps and lights in different tones (such as warm white).

In order to illuminate the cave or hut of your nativity scene in a suggestive and realistic way, you can choose between 220V or 12V LED lights. For those seeking more technologically advanced solutions, it is also possible to opt for day/night lights that simulate the fading transition between day and night, creating a realistic starry sky which makes nativity scenes even more magical.

Don’t forget to give a look at the accessories for nativity scenes within this section: you will find transformers for nativity scene lights, electrical materials for nativity scenes and control units. Our products have been designed to meet any need, always ensuring the highest quality and safety. Shop now and turn your Christmas nativity into a bright work of art!

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