Fountains and waterfalls for nativity scenes

Fountains and waterfalls for giving a realistic touch to nativity scenes

This category displays fountains and waterfalls for nativity scenes. Here you will find a wide range of accessories that will make your nativity settings look more authentic. Our fountatins for nativity scenes are ideal for enriching any kind of setting – such as Neapolitan nativity scenes – and adding a touch of elegance to your landscapes.

If you’re looking for an electric fountain or a small fountain crafted in every detail for your nativity scene, then you’re in the right place. You can also place them alongside windmills, watermills, rivers, streams and bridges. Besides fountains, you will find a variety of waterfalls, perfect for creating dynamic and realistic settings. Our collection also includes other small accessories for nativity scenes, such as mills, which integrate perfectly within traditional handcrafted nativity scene. Discover our collection of items for Nativity scenes and enrich Nativity settings and houses with unique and high-quality accessories.

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