Favors for Holy Communion

Do you wish to donate a memory gift to family and friends on the occasion of the Holy Communion of your children? Products within our catalog are the perfect solution for you!


Holy Communion Favors with customizable cards

Within this category you can choose between different favors for Holy Communion, perfect both for boys and girls.

Discover the vast selection of favors with sacred images of Holy Communion, with religious icons, Christian symbols of the Sacrament and many other elegant ideas from the best brands including Willow Tree angels and You Are An Angel. Myriam Arte Sacra also offers the chance to buy directly packaged bonbonnieres with customizable memory cards: all this in just a few clicks!

Discover our catalog of favors for Holy Communion for boys and girls and buy them at the best price on the web!


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Communion Picture with Bag

Communion Picture with Bag

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Holy Communion favor complete with picture and decorated shopping bag.  

Angel with Moon YOU ARE AN...
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You Are an Angel

Angel with Moon YOU ARE AN ANGEL

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Product of excellent craftsmanship, carefully painted by HAND.