Cork for Nativity scenes

Cork and cork panels for Nativity scenes

Within our category featuring cork items for Nativity scenes you will find everything you need to bring your own representation of Jesus’ Birth to life. We offer traditional versions of Nativity scenes, such as the Neapolitan Nativity scene, or more original solutions.  

On Myriam Arte Sacra you will find many small accessories for Nativity scenes that will enrich your Nativity scene in every detail, from carefully crafted Nativity settings and houses to cork panels ideal for building realistic settings. For those who prefer a traditional, more authentic style, cork bark and natural cork are the perfect solution. If you’re looking for raw cork or panels for building your Nativity scene, then you’ve come to the right place. Each piece of bark and each panel are selected in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Browse this section and find everything you need to build a perfect Nativity scene.

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Floor in Modular Stone
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Floor in Modular Stone

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Product of excellent craftsmanship.