Highly detailed Italian craftsmanship

This section features Euromarchi products of our catalog: a true tribute to the art of making Nativity scenes, directly from the artistic center of Italy, Bagni di Lucca.

The passion and attention to detail of this Italian company are evident in every Nativity figure. You can learn it from the majesty of the Magi, dressed in sumptuous and detailed attire, shepherds, which represent traditonal figures of that time in a delicate and authentic way, but also animals and Nativity.

Euromarchi Nativity statues are crafted with utmost precision, handpainted by skilled Italian craftsmen and made of resin or terracotta.

Myriam Arte Sacra as a retailer of Euromarchi is committed to ensuring the authenticity and quality of every product. The choice of the finest collection of figures is guided by our experience and passion for sacred art. In this way we can ensure that Euromarchi Nativity figures will enchant and amaze you.

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